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Precast wall panels are structurally designed and engineered to transfer shear, support floor and roof loads, as well as offer a wide range of architectural finishes for the exterior. Precast concrete wall panels provide financial, functional and aesthetic value for exterior wall systems while offering the building owner peace of mind knowing the walls have long-term durability and require little or no maintenance

The advantages of precast wall panels are as follows:

Cost Effectiveness

Fast erection allows the buildings shell to be enclosed quickly in all seasons ensuring no delays due to bad weather, so the building owners can get to business.

Low maintenance exterior provides a substantial long-term savings while keeping the exterior in first-class condition.

Energy Efficient

Precast panels can be designed in numerous ways to help reduce heating and cooling costs substantially.

Recessed window walls and vertical fins can be used to shade windows from the sun.

Thickness of insulation can be manipulated to increase the R value of the panels.

The concrete panel's high thermal mass is unmatched by any other material.


Concrete precast is a strong material which is highly weather resistant holding up against most environmental conditions.

Precast panels have superior fire resistance. Adding safety and security to the building gives the owner peace of mind.